Juxian Graphite New Employee Induction Safety Education and Training

In order to effectively improve the safety awareness of new employees, popularize safety knowledge, let employees better master safety skills, enhance self-protection ability, and avoid safety accidents. On January 30 and February 8, the Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection organized the training, with a total of 18 participants.
The training content is comprehensive and diversified. This training first watched the safety education warning film "The Cost of Accidents". The warning film traced the process of the accident, the cause, the loss and the price paid from the identity of the deceased, and vividly explained the safety accidents and irreparable losses caused by human unsafe behavior.
Subsequently, Liu Xiaodong, Minister of Safety and Environmental Protection, first explained the safety awareness, safety production laws and regulations, and basic knowledge of safety production management. Training pointed out: safety education and training is the requirements of national laws and regulations, but also the needs of the survival and development of enterprises, but also the needs of self-protection of employees. For themselves, for their families, for the workers, for the enterprise, for the society, all employees must realize the importance of safety, and must do safety first in actual work. Because security is a responsibility, security is an attitude, security is an honor, security is everything. Secondly, from the "safety accident case analysis, fire safety knowledge, hazard identification, company production safety ban, occupational disease hazard prevention and control" and other six aspects of the system to explain, popularize the "safety first" and "safety production, everyone is responsible" concept.
Through this training, it not only improves the safety awareness of new employees, but also promotes the new employees to adapt to their respective working environment faster and better, smoothly integrate into and be competent for their jobs, and become qualified employees of the company, thus further promoting the safe production of Juxian Graphite and laying a solid foundation for the smooth and good work.

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Zhang Xiangjun, General Manager of Juxian Graphite, Delivers New Year's Speech in 2024

2023 was an extraordinary year, a year in which the country's economy recovered and developed steadily after three years of the pandemic. Looking at the overall market situation, all walks of life have been affected by different impacts. The upstream carbon is affected by the hot sales of new energy vehicles, and the prices of key raw materials have risen sharply; the downstream carbon is affected by the serious shortage of steel mills, and the demand for graphite electrode products continues to be sluggish; As a result, the development space of the carbon market is flat, which has caused great resistance to our business development and also brought severe market challenges. In the face of this series of high-pressure situations, first of all, I would like to thank the chairman of the group for his full support and trust in the company. Secondly, I would like to thank all the staff of Juxian Graphite for practicing the guiding ideology of "working together to forge ahead in a new era and leading the dream of a carbon power" and adhering to the enterprise spirit of "unity, faith, innovation and win-win", We have worked hard to achieve the steady operation, guaranteed employee treatment happiness index. Brand building is firmly in the forefront of the domestic, international export business speed expansion. Juxian new development pattern to speed up the construction, enterprise high-quality development in-depth implementation. These achievements embody the painstaking efforts and sweat of the unremitting struggle of the "Juxian people", and demonstrate the extraordinary elegant demeanor and strength of the "Juxian people.


"Many people and many feet" work together to unite and make tacit progress.

In order to enrich the spare time life of employees and enhance the spirit of teamwork and cohesion, on the morning of May 30, 2024, the Trade Union Committee of Shanxi Juxian Graphite New Materials Co., Ltd. organized a "multi-person multi-foot" sports competition. All male employees of the company participated This event.


Juxian Graphite Organization to Carry out Morning Exercises and Intensive Training Activities of Queue Movement

Recently, in order to create a healthy attitude and positive mental state, and better enhance the cohesion of employees, the office emergency support department organized and carried out morning exercise special training activities.