"Science Herald" published an article by Juxian Graphite "Injecting new momentum into enterprise development with technological innovation"


When it comes to technological innovation, people often think of these keywords: R & D centers, high-standard laboratories, high-precision projects, high investment... In fact, not all technological innovations must be such a "tall". In Shanxi Juxian Graphite New Material Co., Ltd., through continuous cultivation of independent innovation capabilities, another interpretation of technological innovation is made.
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"Carbon material flexural strength determination method" officially released


The national standard-"Determination Method for Folding Strength of Carbon Materials" drafted by Shanxi Juxian Graphite New Materials Co., Ltd. was officially released on August 20, 2021 and officially implemented on March 1, 2022. The main drafters of this document are Zhang Xiangjun, chairman of our company, Wang Sizhai, president, and Ma Wei, director of the testing center.
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Su Peng, deputy secretary of Zhengxianbai Banner Committee and government flag chief of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, visited Juxian Graphite and Sanxian New Energy for on-the-spot investigation and research.


From May 12 to 14, Yao Weisheng, deputy general manager of Zhengxiangbaiqi Nuojin Carbon Technology Co., Ltd., accompanied Su Peng, deputy secretary of the Zhengxiangbaiqi Banner Committee and head of the government flag, and Li Donglin, deputy head of the government flag, to visit Jiexiu. During the period, he had an in-depth discussion with the person in charge of the Nuojin Carbon project, and went to Shanxi Juxian Graphite New Material Co., Ltd., Shanxi Sanxian New Energy Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Fuma Carbon Material Technology Co., Ltd. for on-site inspections.
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State encourages long-process steel enterprises to switch to electric arc furnaces


The 2020 version of the capacity replacement regulations reflects the state's support and encouragement for electric arc furnace steelmaking.
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Sun Qing: The carbon industry has changed from a buyer's market to a seller's market.


On December 14, at the 2019 (6th) China Iron and Steel Raw Material Market High-end Forum, Sun Qing, Secretary-General of China Carbon Industry Association, pointed out that due to the shortage of graphite electrodes and rising prices, carbon production enterprises in 2017 and 2018, especially graphite electrode production enterprises.
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