Juxian Graphite Organized All Cadres and Workers to Exercise Before Class

In order to train employees, maintain a good mental state, increase collective identity and enhance team combat effectiveness, according to the spirit of the company's leadership meeting, starting from February 22, the comprehensive management department will organize all cadres and workers to carry out pre-shift exercises.
Every morning at 7: 40 a.m., the music of the 10th set of radio gymnastics will sound on time in Juxian Graphite. All cadres and workers in all departments and workshops of the company will move and gather on the playground to take part in the pre-class exercises on that day. The employees lined up in an orderly manner on the playground, turning, squatting, raising their arms, and jumping in the music beat. Everyone's stretched posture and lively posture became a pleasant scenery for the company.
Pre-class exercise is a group exercise that benefits a lot. It not only stretches the body, but also makes the physical discomfort such as waist soreness caused by prolonged sitting feel significantly improved; it also relaxes the mood and relieves the pressure and tension at work; It also inspires the spirit and can devote itself to work in a more high-spirited state.
By carrying out daily pre-shift exercises, Juxian Graphite has effectively improved the physical and mental health of the company's cadres and employees, effectively strengthened the cohesion of the team, guided employees to establish a sense of healthy exercise, and formed a long-term mechanism for everyone to participate in fitness.
In modern society, working people really lack the opportunity to exercise. There is basically no other exercise except work every day. However, if you take part in more than ten minutes of pre-shift exercises every morning, the state of the whole day is completely different, especially when company leaders, administrators and workshop employees do exercises together. You can imagine what a spectacular and exciting scene it is, everyone wore uniform work clothes and gathered in a team, and immediately there was a strong cohesion, and it was full of positive energy at the beginning of the morning.
Corporate culture is not empty, just like ordinary pre-class exercises, everything in the company's daily work, even a very small thing, has the shadow of corporate culture. Therefore, only from bit by bit, through down-to-earth work practice, constantly find problems, explore and seek the most fundamental solutions, constantly actively absorb advanced ideas, combine with the actual work, and keep pace with the times, can we create a richer and more splendid corporate culture; in order to improve the vitality and cohesion of the whole staff, and show the positive and good spiritual outlook of the employees of the enterprise.

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Zhang Xiangjun, General Manager of Juxian Graphite, Delivers New Year's Speech in 2024

2023 was an extraordinary year, a year in which the country's economy recovered and developed steadily after three years of the pandemic. Looking at the overall market situation, all walks of life have been affected by different impacts. The upstream carbon is affected by the hot sales of new energy vehicles, and the prices of key raw materials have risen sharply; the downstream carbon is affected by the serious shortage of steel mills, and the demand for graphite electrode products continues to be sluggish; As a result, the development space of the carbon market is flat, which has caused great resistance to our business development and also brought severe market challenges. In the face of this series of high-pressure situations, first of all, I would like to thank the chairman of the group for his full support and trust in the company. Secondly, I would like to thank all the staff of Juxian Graphite for practicing the guiding ideology of "working together to forge ahead in a new era and leading the dream of a carbon power" and adhering to the enterprise spirit of "unity, faith, innovation and win-win", We have worked hard to achieve the steady operation, guaranteed employee treatment happiness index. Brand building is firmly in the forefront of the domestic, international export business speed expansion. Juxian new development pattern to speed up the construction, enterprise high-quality development in-depth implementation. These achievements embody the painstaking efforts and sweat of the unremitting struggle of the "Juxian people", and demonstrate the extraordinary elegant demeanor and strength of the "Juxian people.


Cao Dongxue, chief expert of Sinopec, Huang Yousheng, deputy general manager of the refining and marketing company, and his party visited the branches of Juxian Graphite for on-the-spot visits and discussions.

On April 2, Cao Dongxue, chief expert of Sinopec, Huang Yousheng, deputy general manager of Sinopec Refining and sales Company, and other leaders visited Juxian Graphite for discussion. Group general manager Zhang Xiangjun, deputy general manager of sales Liu Yingxian, chief financial officer Cao Youfu and other warm reception. Cao Dongxue and his party went deep into Juxian Graphite Forming Factory, Roasting Factory and Machine-processing Factory to conduct field investigations, understand the production situation, and have in-depth discussions and exchanges.


Stick to the Bottom Line of Honesty and Self-discipline and Promote Gathering Sages

In order to do a good job in the enterprise's integrity and discipline, improve the cadres' awareness of integrity and self-discipline, and create a clean and upright corporate atmosphere. On the afternoon of March 30, the group office organized the middle-level and above leading cadres of each center and branch factory to carry out the "honesty and self-discipline" propaganda activity, and organized and studied the "company's official gift acceptance management system". after the meeting, it was required to sign a "integrity agreement" with the business cooperation unit.