Juxian Graphite Held 2022 "Safe Production Month" Knowledge Contest

During the "Safety Production Month" in 2022, Shanxi Juxian Graphite New Materials Co., Ltd. promoted safety production knowledge through various methods to create a good atmosphere in which everyone learns safety and everyone understands safety. On June 25, Juxian Graphite organized the 2022 "Safe Production Month" knowledge competition. The purpose of the activity is to further strengthen the level of safety management and improve the safety awareness of employees. The first team of machine plus participating in this competition; Comprehensive financial portfolio; Research and development machine plus combination; Equipment management department; Six teams of production machine plus combination and machine plus two teams are arranged by drawing lots.
First of all, Zhang Xiangjun, general manager of Shanxi Juxian Graphite New Materials Co., Ltd., announced the official start of the 2022 "Safe Production Month" safety knowledge competition for Juxian Graphite. After the on-site host announced the rules of the competition, he entered the first part of the competition-the required questions. In the must-answer session, the contestants played steadily and answered in turn, with equal strength, fully demonstrating their rich knowledge reserves. Then the contestants entered the second part of the competition-the competition for answering questions. Before the start of the contest, General Manager Zhang Xiangjun of Juxian Graphite was specially invited to draw contest questions for the contestants in the question bank. Answering questions not only tests whether the team's safety knowledge is solid, but also tests their reaction, courage and mentality. In this session, the teams competed for the first answer, and the score was catching up with each other. The competition was once tense and fierce. The team members of each group actively rushed to answer, did not give up, and tried their best to win extra points. After two rounds of intense competition, Juxian Graphite Equipment Management Department finally won the first place; the second team won the second place; the first team won the third place. After the competition, Wang Shuai, deputy general manager of Juxian Graphite Safety and Environmental Protection, expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the leaders for their arrival and the wonderful performance of the participating teams.
At the end of the activity, Zhang Xiangjun, general manager of Shanxi Juxian Graphite New Materials Co., Ltd., made a concluding speech and put forward requirements for the company's next step in production safety. General Manager Zhang Xiangjun emphasized: Since the establishment of Juxian Graphite, various indicators of safety production have continued to improve and have shown a strong development trend. I hope everyone will maintain the idea of "not letting an employee fall behind" and continue to further promote "abide by the safety production law. The theme of being the first responsible person" will play a greater and better role in future safety production work. And we should take this safety production month activity as an opportunity to invigorate the spirit, with a higher passion, a stronger sense of responsibility, a firmer belief and a more scientific attitude, work together and unite as one, and continue to create a new situation in the safe production of Juxian graphite!
In this competition, the content closely follows the knowledge of safety common sense, laws and regulations, emergency rescue, etc., and sets two links: rush to answer questions and must-answer questions. While the contestants continue to challenge difficult questions, they have also experienced intense competition. Through the development of a series of activities such as safety knowledge competitions, the company's entire staff has set off an upsurge of learning safety production knowledge, and effectively improved the employees' safety awareness and ability to deal with emergencies, and successfully completed the annual safety production goals and tasks for the company Lay a solid foundation.
Following the safety knowledge competition held by Shanxi Juxian Graphite New Materials Co., Ltd. on June 25, 2022, at 9: 00 a.m. on June 28, the 2022 "Safety Production Month" safety knowledge competition organized by Juxian Graphite Safety Production Joint Committee was solemnly held in the Sports Center.
Lu Jianshan, general manager of Shanxi Xinxian Carbon Material Technology Co., Ltd., announced the start of the competition. The players from each subsidiary of Juxian Graphite are divided into six teams: Juxian Team 1, Juxian Team 2, Xinxian Team 1, Xinxian Team 2, Sanxian Team 1 and Sanxian Team 2.
As the host of the competition announced the beginning of the first link, 6 teams immediately launched a fierce competition. In the required-answer session, the teams participating in the competition think carefully, respond calmly, answer the questions quickly and accurately, the whole process is tense and orderly, and the scores of each team are difficult to distinguish. Then the host announced that the competition entered the second link. In the rush to answer questions, the players responded quickly and quickly answered, pushing the competition atmosphere to a climax.
After fierce competition, the first team of Xinxian won the first place, and the first team of Juxian and the second team of Sanxian won the third place of the 2, lu Jianshan, general manager of Xinxian Carbon Material, Xing Xiaohui, general manager of Sanxian New Energy, Zhang Shengli, deputy general manager of Juxian Graphite, Wang Shuai, deputy general manager of Juxian Graphite, Yue Lisheng, deputy general manager of Juxian Graphite Material, Zhao Zhongyi, deputy general manager of Xinxian Carbon Material, Mu Jianfeng, director of Juxian Graphite Machine Factory, Hao Yanan, director of Xinxian Carbon Material Research and Development Center, and other subsidiary leaders who attended the competition presented honorary certificates on-site.. After the award ceremony, Wang Shuai, the chief planner of the competition and deputy general manager of Shanxi Juxian Graphite New Materials Co., Ltd., expressed his gratitude to the leaders and employees who attended and participated in the competition.
Finally, Lu Jianshan, general manager of Shanxi Xinxian Carbon Material Technology Co., Ltd., commented on the safety knowledge competition. He emphasized: Safety work is actually a work of "repeatedly grasping and grasping repeatedly". What can really grasp and control safety is actually every participant in the production and operation work. To ensure safe production is not only guaranteed by relevant laws, regulations and rules, but more importantly, we need to clearly identify the sources of danger in our working environment in actual work, so as to truly "have a red line in our hearts and a ruler in our hearts". Only by putting the safety work in place can we effectively guarantee the prosperity of the enterprise and the happiness of the family.

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Zhang Xiangjun, General Manager of Juxian Graphite, Delivers New Year's Speech in 2024

2023 was an extraordinary year, a year in which the country's economy recovered and developed steadily after three years of the pandemic. Looking at the overall market situation, all walks of life have been affected by different impacts. The upstream carbon is affected by the hot sales of new energy vehicles, and the prices of key raw materials have risen sharply; the downstream carbon is affected by the serious shortage of steel mills, and the demand for graphite electrode products continues to be sluggish; As a result, the development space of the carbon market is flat, which has caused great resistance to our business development and also brought severe market challenges. In the face of this series of high-pressure situations, first of all, I would like to thank the chairman of the group for his full support and trust in the company. Secondly, I would like to thank all the staff of Juxian Graphite for practicing the guiding ideology of "working together to forge ahead in a new era and leading the dream of a carbon power" and adhering to the enterprise spirit of "unity, faith, innovation and win-win", We have worked hard to achieve the steady operation, guaranteed employee treatment happiness index. Brand building is firmly in the forefront of the domestic, international export business speed expansion. Juxian new development pattern to speed up the construction, enterprise high-quality development in-depth implementation. These achievements embody the painstaking efforts and sweat of the unremitting struggle of the "Juxian people", and demonstrate the extraordinary elegant demeanor and strength of the "Juxian people.


"Many people and many feet" work together to unite and make tacit progress.

In order to enrich the spare time life of employees and enhance the spirit of teamwork and cohesion, on the morning of May 30, 2024, the Trade Union Committee of Shanxi Juxian Graphite New Materials Co., Ltd. organized a "multi-person multi-foot" sports competition. All male employees of the company participated This event.


Juxian Graphite Organization to Carry out Morning Exercises and Intensive Training Activities of Queue Movement

Recently, in order to create a healthy attitude and positive mental state, and better enhance the cohesion of employees, the office emergency support department organized and carried out morning exercise special training activities.